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Magical Families on Tv
Tanners (1987-1995)
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Tanners (1987-1995)
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Full House

Daniel Ernest Tanner

     After Pams death Danny became a single parent and had to take care of his 3 young daughters.

Dona Jo Margaret Tanner

     Dona Joe is Dannys oldest child. Dj, as people often call her, is a normal teenager that has to deal with the millions of troubles that been a teenage girl mean. Her best friend is Kimmy.

Stephanie Judith Tanner

     Stephanie is Dannys second child. She always felt stuck in the middle, she wasnt the youngest nor the oldest. But thanks to her family she learned how important she was.

Michelle Elizabeth Tanner

Michelle too

     Michelle is Dannys youngest child. Her witty comments and childish problems made us all love her.

Hermes Katsopolis

     Pams brother, Jesse, moved into the house to help Danny and the girls. Later on he married Rebecca and had a family of his own.

Rebecca Donaldson/Katsopolis

     Rebecca is Jesses wife as well as the twins mom.

Alexander Katsopolis
Alex & Nick
Nicholas Katsopolis


     Nick and Alex are Rebecca and Jesses lovely twins.

Joseph Alvin Gladstone

     Joey Gladstone, Dannys best friend and professional comedian, moved in to help Danny raise his three daughters. Even though he is not a Tanner he is a very important part of the Tanner family, without him the Tanners would not be the same.

Nicholas Katsopolis
Jesse's father

     Nicholas Katsopolis is Jesses father.