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Magical Families on Tv
Conners (1988-1997)
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Addams (1964-1966)
Banks (1990-1996)
Brocks (1992-1996)
Bundys (1987-1997)
Carlsons (2001)
Conners (1988-1997)
Drummonds (1978-1986)
Griffins (1999-20??)
Halliwells (1998-2006)
.:Wyatt's Photo Album:.
.:Wyatt's Photo Album 2:.
.:Chris's Photo Album:.
Hills (1997 - 20??)
Huxtables (1984 - 1992)
Munsters (1964-1966)
Nelsons (1965-1970)
Parkers (1997)
Pickles (1991-2004)
Reads (1996-20??)
Simpsons (1989 - 20??)
Sinclairs (1991-1994)
Spellmans (1996-2003)
.:Spellman's Family Secret:.
Summers (1997-2003)
Stages (2001-2002)
Stephens (1964-1972)
Szalinskis (1997-2000)
Tanners (1986-1990)
Tanners (1987-1995)
Taylors (1991-1999)
Thatchers (1989-1993)
Thornberrys (1998-2001)
Wilkersons (2000-20??)
Winslows (1989-1998)


Al Harris
Roseanne's father

     Al is Roseanne's father.

Daniel Conner

     Dan is the family man. He works hard and loves his family.

Rebecca Conner/Healy

     Rebecca is Dan and Roseannes oldest children and is also the prettiest member of the family. She is married to Mark Healy.

David Jacob Conner

     DJ is the Roseanne and Dans youngest child. He is curious, a bit wild and precocious.

Mark Healy

     Mark is Beckys husband as well as Davids brother.

Audrey Conner
Dan's mom

     Audrey is Dan's mentally ill mother.

Beverly Lorraine Harris
Roseanne's mother

     Bev is Roseanne's cranky mother.

Edward Conner
Dan's father

     Ed is Dan's father.

Roseanne Harris/Conner

     Roseanne is the main character. She might not look like the ideal mother, but she does her best and is always there for her children. 

Darlene Conner/Healy

     Darlene is Roseanne and Dans second child. She is unpredictable and rebellious.

Jackie Harris

     Jackie is Roseannes younger sister. She has a baby, Andrew 'Andy' Harris.

David Healy

     David is Marks brother as well as Darlene's husband.