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Magical Families on Tv
Thatchers (1989-1993)
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Addams (1964-1966)
Banks (1990-1996)
Brocks (1992-1996)
Bundys (1987-1997)
Carlsons (2001)
Conners (1988-1997)
Drummonds (1978-1986)
Griffins (1999-20??)
Halliwells (1998-2006)
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Hills (1997 - 20??)
Huxtables (1984 - 1992)
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Simpsons (1989 - 20??)
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Spellmans (1996-2003)
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Taylors (1991-1999)
Thatchers (1989-1993)
Thornberrys (1998-2001)
Wilkersons (2000-20??)
Winslows (1989-1998)

Life Goes On

Andrew Thatcher

     Drew is a good husband, father of three and owner of his own restaurant.

Paige Thatcher

     Paige is a child from Drew's first marriage, but anyway Libby loves her as if she was her own child.

Nicholas Thatcher
Nick and his mom

Nick too

     Cute and adorable Nick is Drew and Libby's youngest child.

Aunt Gina Giordano
Libby's sister

     Gina is Libby's sister as well and Becca and Corky's aunt and Zoe's mom.

Jesse McKenna

     Jesse is Becca's boyfriend. Sadly he has HIV, but Becca loves him anyway and at the end of the show they manage to get married.

Thatcher's dog

     Friendly and loyal Arnold, loves to watch tv with Corky.

Elizabeth Giordano/Thatcher

     Libby is a woman that gives her all when it comes to family, work and life.

Charles Thatcher

     Reliable and loyal Corky suffers from Down Syndrome, but that doesn't means that he is not smart. Actually he is one of the most intelligent members of the family.

Rebecca Thatcher/McKenna

     Becca is an average teenager, that makes the same mistakes as much of the teenagers do, like falling in love with the wrong guy.

Cousin Zoe
Gina's daughter

     Crazy yet cute and charming cousin Zoe is Gina's daughter as well as Libby's niece.

Sal Giordano
Libby's father

     Sal is Gina and Libby's father. Gina and Libby's mother is Teresa Giordano, even though I couldn't find a picture of her I believe that it was important to at least mention her.

Jack Thatcher
Drew's father

     Jack is Andrew's father.