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Magical Families on Tv
Bundys (1987-1997)
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Married... with Children

Al Bundy

     Al works as a shoe salesman. He hates women who bother him all day, especially his wife Peggy and fat women in his store. Al also hates his wife's family and the French.

Kelly Bundy

     Kelly is the pretty daughter of the family. She is very dull and Bud often takes advantage of her ignorance. Kelly also has tons of boyfriends. Al calls her "Pumpkin". Somehow she managed to graduate from high school during the series.

Bundy's dog

     Buck was the first dog of the family, but he died and the family got a new dog.

Ephraim Wanker

     Ephraim Wanker is Peggy's father. He appeared four times in season 10.

Zemus Wanker

     Zemus is Peggy's cousin. He, and his wife, left Seven with the Bundys on season 7.

Margaret Wanker/Bundy

     Margaret "Peggy" Bundy is very lazy woman. She wont cook or clean the house. She prefers shopping new clothes rather than washing them. During the day she likes to watch television, sitting on the couch and eating tons of bonbons.

Budrick Franklin Bundy

     Budrick "Bud" Franklin Bundy is the smart son of the family. He has always been an a-student and goes to college at Trumaine University after high school.


     After Bucks death he reincarnated as the Bundys' second dog, Lucky. Buck and Lucky are always starving as the Bundys don't care too much about them.

Seven Wanker

     Zemus and Ida Mae's 7th children. His parents took him one day to visit the Bundys and left him with them.

Ida Mae Wanker
Ida Mae

     Ida Mae is Zemus' wife and Seven's mother.