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Magical Families on Tv

Halliwells (1998-2006)

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Charlotte Warren
Born on 1644
     Charlotte is the first of the Warren line. She was a part of a colonial witches coven that acknowledged the power that her daughter, Melinda Warren, would possess. At the time she was in labor, a woman who wished to have Melinda's power for herself kidnapped her, but The Charmed Ones of the future were transported back in time to save her. The three sisters are descendants of Melinda and Charlotte, and Piper helped to bring Melinda into the world.

Prudence Warren/Wentworth
Born on 1695
     Prudence is Melinda's daughter, who was raised as an orphan after her mother died. The Warren line was carried on through her, and she is the ancestor after whom Prue was named.

Cassandra Wentworth
     Prudence Warren's daughter with Mr. Wentworth.

Born on 1831
     Brianna is an ancestor of the Charmed Ones who had powers resembling Prue's, but magnified many times over. She disgraced Gabriel, the Lord of War, during the premium war by using her power to strip him of his sword, throwing it a hundred miles away. Centuries later, he came back to try to regain his powers by attacking Prue.


Gordon Johnson
(Dan's past life)
     Piper Baxter's husband and father to Penelope "Penny" Johnson.


Penelope "Penny" Johnson/Halliwell - Grams
Born on June 23, 1931
Died on March 5, 1998
     Penny is the grandmother of the Charmed Ones, sort of a surrogate parent after their father left and their mother, Patty, was killed by a demon. Penny was a powerful witch who died of a heart attack when the girls were in their twenties. After her death, their powers (that were bound) were made known to them, and the sisters officially became the Charmed Ones.


Victor Bennett
Born on 1949
     Victor was Patty's husband, father to Prue, Piper and Phoebe. He left his family and years later came back. It was hard for the sisters to accept him, especially for Prue.


Piper Halliwell
Born on March 7, 1973
     Patty and Victor's second child. Molecular immobilization (time stasis) and molecular combustion are her powers; the latter has evolved and now resembles fire.


Cole Turner
Born on 1885
Died on January 19, 2003
     His mother was a demon and his father a human. Cole's mother killed Benjamin, Cole's father, when Cole was very young. Cole's demon form is Belthazor.


     Coop is a Cupid that was sent by the Elders to help Phoebe with her love life. Just like many other Cupids, he has a magic ring; the one he owns allows him to travel through time. He can also teleport and is able to sense everything about a person's love life (heartbreaks, likes, dislikes, etc). He fell in love with Phoebe, they married and had three girls.


Paige Matthews
Born on August 2, 1977
     Daughter to Patty and Sam. She is half witch, half whitelighter and has both, witch and whitelighter powers: orbing, sensing, telekinetic orbing, healing, glamouring.

Wyatt Matthew - Baby, young, adult

Wyatt at 10

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell     
Born on February 2, 2003
     Named after Leo's last name (Wyatt) and Paige's last name (Matthews). As a prophesized twice-blessed child, heir to Excalibur, and the first boy born to a Halliwell, Wyatt possesses a multitude of amazing powers, both witch and Whitelighter, these include: Force fields, telekinesis, telekinetic orbing, pyrokinesis, thought projection, conjuring, orbing, sensing, healing, ability to wield Excalibur, energy waves/blasts/balls, prescience.

Chris - baby, young, adult

Chris Halliwell
Born on May 16, 2004
     Chris is Piper and Leo's second baby boy. He was named after Leo's father, Chris Wyatt. Besides the basic powers of a magical witch, such as scrying and spellcasting, Chris possesses the powers of: Telekinesis, telekinetic orbing, orbing, sensing and limited telepathic communication with charges.

Older Chris and sister

Chris and Melinda(?)
     Could it be that this girl (lower right) is Melinda, the girl Piper saw in the future? I'd like to believe so!

Piper and Leo's grandchildren

Piper and Leo's grandchildren
    Just look at the faces of these children: total bliss! Granny Piper sure keeps them well fed and happy!

Leo and Piper's granddaughter

Piper and Leo's granddaughter
    Due to the fact that this girl has the power of Telekinesis, there are speculations that her name might be Prudence, named after her late great aunt.

Again Grandma, again!


Melinda Warren
Born on October 31, 1670
Died on 1697

     Melinda is the daughter of Charlotte, and grew up in the 17th century in Salem. There isn't a lot of information about her, but we do know that she had a lover named Matthew Tate, a warlock who betrayed her by revealing to the town that she was a witch. They burned her at the stake, even though she could have used her powers to save her own life, so that her daughter might be saved. She returned centuries later to help the Charmed Ones defeat Matthew Tate.


Matthew Tate
     Matthews gift is to copy the power of a good witch when its used against him. He was cursed into a locket by Melinda Warren, the Halliwells' ancestor but was accidentally released by Prue. The sisters' sought Melinda's help to curse him back in.

The Cousins

Prudence Bowen, Piper Baxter and Phoebe Russell (The Cousins)
(The Charmed Ones' Past Lives)

     Born on June, 1895
     Died on May, 1970
     Born on September, 1897
     Died on December, 1972

     Born on July 2, 1894
     Died on February 17, 1924

     Although Prue, Piper, and Phoebe lived in the manor during the roaring '20's, they were not the tight-knit sisters we see presently. They were cousin witches, with powers very different from their current powers. Phoebe was turned evil by a shapeshifting warlock, convincing her to use her powers against her cousins so he could become more powerful. The past cousins put a curse on past Phoebe so that she would die on the same day in all her future lives, but the Charmed Ones skipped around in time in order to protect the good Phoebe from dying. This explains why Phoebe's power is an inactive one, since if a power is misused, a witch may regress and lose her abilities in present and future lives.


Patricia "Patty" Halliwell
Born on April 5, 1950
Died on February 28, 1978
     Patty Halliwell is the mother of the Charmed Ones, and a witch herself. She was killed by a water demon when Prue was around 5 or 6 years old, Piper was 3 or 4, and Phoebe was just 2. She had been divorced from her husband and the sisters' father, Victor Bennett for some time, and had taken up a relationship with her whitelighter, Sam. Their love produced a fourth sister, which the true Charmed Ones had no idea about, since Patty and Sam gave her up for adoption right after she was born.


Sam Wilder
     Sam is Paige's father and was Patty's whitelighter and lover. Patty's and Sam's story is similar to Leo's and Piper's, but with a different ending.


Leo Wyatt
Born on May 6, 1924
Died on November 14, 1942
     Leo died in the World War II, but because of his kindness and compassion towards others he became a whitelighter. Due to events related to the Avatars, Leo lost his whitelighter abilities and is currently human.


Phoebe Halliwell
Born on November 2, 1975
     Patty and Victor's third child. She had the powers of 'Premonition', 'Empathy' and 'Levitation'; however, she was punished for misusing them and lost them for quite a while. Apparently, she never got her levitation power back.

Henry Mitchell

Henry Mitchell
     Henry is a cop that, just like the Charmed Ones, works to keep the world free from evil. Paige trusted him with her secret and he, even though quite surprised, accepted her -powers and all. Paige and Henry married and had a boy and twin girls.


Prudence "Prue" Halliwell
Born on October 28, 1970
Died on May 17, 2001

     Patty and Victor's first child. Because she was the oldest she always tried to protect her little sisters. Prue had the powers of 'Telekinesis' and 'Astral projection'. Unfortunately Shax, the Source's hitman, killed her.

Phoebe and Coop's daughter 1

Phoebe and Coop's girl (1)
     Taking in consideration that this girl seems older than the other one, we can assume that she is Coop and Phoebe's first daughter - the little girl Phoebe foresaw. Her powers are unknown.

Phoebe and Coop's daughter 2

Phoebe and Coop's girl (2)
     Could it be possible for these girls to inherit part of their father's powers? They've certainly inherited the genes! At the time this picture was taken Phoebe was expecting a third child -yet another girl!

Henry Junior

Henry Jr.
    The resemblance with his father is uncanny; so, will Henry Jr. have any powers at all? It certainly would be interesting to find out!

Paige and Henry's twins

Henry and Paige's twins
     50% human, 25% whitelighter, 25% witches and 100% cuties! There is no denying these are Paige's girls, look at their smiles and postures!


     Kit was the Charmed one's familiar.

A heart-warming photo

Old Piper and Leo - Life couldn't be better!