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Magical Families on Tv
Carlsons (2001)
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So Little Time

Riley Carlson

     Riley is a little on the 'save the world' side. Unlike her sister, she never has two mornings that are exactly the same. One morning it might be cold pizza for breakfast. The next day, she may skip breakfast all together. This reflects her individuality and her spontaneity. She's a lot like her father in that way. Riley takes most things in stride and is an easygoing kind of girl. She is comfortable with herself as a person and sees no need in pretending she's someone she isn't. Riley is a girl who appears to have everything all together, but appearances can be deceiving!

Jake Carlson

     Jake's just might be ready to hang up his trailer wheels, but you know what they say, you can take the man out of the trailer, but you can't take the trailer out of the man! A journey of self-discovery leads Jake to discover the simple fact that he misses his wife and children. He's throwing himself into everything; spending more time with the girls, learning to cook, getting the marriage back on track and working out at the gym. He's a virtual explosion of positive energy.

Chloe Carlson

     Chloe's tendency is to be a creature of habit. She's got her mother's genes. Chloe is an over-achiever like Macy, but instead of actually doing all the hard work to get what she wants, she'll scheme her way out of it and get the same results! Chloe cares about looks, boys and shopping and will stop at nothing to succeed in all three categories!

Macy Carlson

     Macy is Chloe and Riley's high-strung over-achieving mom. She wants her girls to grow up with a sense of confidence and ambition. Macy lives with her girls in a dream beach house in California. She runs an extremely successful fashion empire, all as she raises her two teenage girls. Macy is trying to be more a part of her girls' lives, but is finding it really difficult to let her old 'all business' self take a backseat. She's finding out that the world isn't all fashion, but then again, wearing a great pair of shoes never hurt anyone!

Manuelo del Valle

     Manuelo has been with the Carlson family for 15 years. He has practically raised Riley and Chloe as the family's nanny and now, is making the transition from Nanny to Macy's Executive Assistant. Manuelo has got all the Latino charm of Ricky Ricardo, but since he's considered as being one of the family, he pretty much says whatever he wants!