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Magical Families on Tv
Winslows (1989-1998)
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Winslows (1989-1998)

Family Matters

Carl Otis Winslow

     Carl, Harriet's husband, is a dutiful Chicago police sergeant and lovable father to three kids. 

Edward James Arthur Winslow

     Eddie is the eldest and rebel son.

Judy Winslow

     Pretty and cute little Judy is the Winslow's youngest child.

Rachel Crawford

     Rachel is Harriet's recently widowed sister and Richie's mom.

Steven Quincy Urkel

     Steve, an inventative nerd, barged into the Winslows home and eventually into their hearts. He has a killer crush on Laura, but she doesn't likes him. Finally, they got engaged but we never got to see their wedding because the show came to an end.

Harriet Winslow

     Harriet is Carl's wife and mother of three. She works as an elevator operator at the Chicago Chronicle Newspaper.

Laura Lee Winslow

     Laura is the Winslow's second child. She is really pretty and very smart.

Estelle Winslow
Grandma Winslow

      Grandma Estelle is Carl's mom as well as the kid's grandma.

Richie Crawford

     Richie is Rachel's curious and playful son.


     Richie's friend, 3J, was adopted by the Winslows and became one of their children too.