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Magical Families on Tv

Griffins (1999-20??)

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Griffins (1999-20??)
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Family Guy

Peter Gilligan Griffin

     Peter Gilligan Griffin is a toy Inventor that likes to drink beer, go to bars and watch Tv.

Chris Griffin

     Chris Griffin, the Griffins second child is a dim-witted teenage student that loves to draw.

Stewart Gilligan Griffin

     Stewie Gilligan Griffin is the Griffins youngest child. He plans to conquer the world, destroy all vegetables, especially broccoli, and kill his mother.

Lois Griffin

      Lois Griffin is a piano teacher as well as the Target of Stewies revenge. She is a loving mother and can sing incredibly well.

Megan Griffin

     Meg Griffin is the Griffins first child. She likes to do all the things that girls her age normally do.

Brian Griffin

      Brian Griffin is the family talking dog. He is very smart and always likes to give his two-cents in every situation.