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Magical Families on Tv
Addams (1964-1966)
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Addams (1964-1966)
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Addams Family

Grandmama Addams

     Grandmama is Gomez's mom. She likes to share her knowledge and cook food and spells or potions.

Morticia Frump/Addams

     Morticia loves her family and also loves gardening. She likes to try new things and is not afraid of the consequences. Her mother's name is Helen Frump.

Pugsley Addams

     Pugsley is an almost exact copy of uncle Fester but with hair. He loves explosives, animals and to play with his sister.

Cousin Itt

     Cousin Itt is the strangest member of the Addams family. He is small, cute and has a special charm with women.

Ophelia Frump

     Ophelia Frump is Morticias big sister. She almost married Gomez, but he did not thought that she was the right girl.

Fester Frump
Uncle Fester

     Fester is Morticias uncle. He has a very special ability, conduct electricity. He is very skilled when it comes to explosives and likes to teach Wednesday and Pugsley all that he knows.

Gomez Addams

     When Gomez met Morticia it was love at first sight. He is a free spirit and very romantic kind of man.

Wednesday Addams

     Wednesday is always looking for new ways to torture her brother. She has a huge fascination for the Bermuda Triangle and loves to play with her guillotine.


     Lurch might not be an Addams by birth but he sure is one by heart. His size usually intimidates visitors, but do not trust what you see, in the inside Lurch is a very sweet man.


     Thing is Gomez' childhood friend and not the family's pet as many people think. He likes to help Lurch and anyone else that might need a helping hand.