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Magical Families on Tv
Simpsons (1989 - 20??)
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The Simpsons

Abraham "Abe" Simpson
Homer's dad

Grandpa Abe

     Abraham Simpson, Homers dad, lives at a retirement home and every now and then the family visits him.

Homer Jay Simpson

     Homer Jay Simpson is a 36 years old man that works as a Sector 7G's Safety Inspect at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. He likes to sit in the couch watching television and drinking a beer, hang out at Moe's Tavern and loves bowling.

Patricia "Patty" and Selma Bouvier
Marge's sisters

     Marge inseparable twin sisters.

Lisa Simpson

     Lisa Simpson is 8 years old and the Simpsons second child. She loves to play the saxophone and wishes to own a pony. She is evidently the most intelligent and creative member of the Simpson family.

Maggie Simpson

     Margaret "Maggie" Simpson is the Simpsons youngest child. Shes always sucking on her pacifier and crawling.

Santa's Lil' Helper
Simpson's Dog

     The Simpsons beloved dog.

Mrs. Simpson
Homer's long lost mother

     Homeys mom was a hippie and right now she cant spend time with her beloved son because she is a fugitive.

Jacqueline Bouvier
Marge's mom

     Marges bossy mother. She, like her other 2 daughters, likes to mess in Marges life.

Marjorie Bouvier Simpson

     Marjorie "Marge" Simpson is a 34 years old woman, good wife and mother of 3. She is the thread that holds the family together. She is the most loving of the Simpsons and will always do her best to help anyone.

Herbert "Herb" Powell
Homer's brother

     When Abe's wife abandoned them he had to decide whether to keep Homer or Herb. He picked homer and gave Herb on adoption.

Bartholomew J. Simpson

     Bartholomew J. Simpson is a 10 years old punk that loves to play pranks on others, especially on his sister, Lisa.  

Snowball II (2)
Simpson's Cat

     Snowball 2 is the Simpsons cat that came after Snowball 1 died.