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Magical Families on Tv
Drummonds (1978-1986)
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Addams (1964-1966)
Banks (1990-1996)
Brocks (1992-1996)
Bundys (1987-1997)
Carlsons (2001)
Conners (1988-1997)
Drummonds (1978-1986)
Griffins (1999-20??)
Halliwells (1998-2006)
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Hills (1997 - 20??)
Huxtables (1984 - 1992)
Munsters (1964-1966)
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Parkers (1997)
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Simpsons (1989 - 20??)
Sinclairs (1991-1994)
Spellmans (1996-2003)
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Summers (1997-2003)
Stages (2001-2002)
Stephens (1964-1972)
Szalinskis (1997-2000)
Tanners (1986-1990)
Tanners (1987-1995)
Taylors (1991-1999)
Thatchers (1989-1993)
Thornberrys (1998-2001)
Wilkersons (2000-20??)
Winslows (1989-1998)

Diff'rent Strokes

Philip Drummond

     Philip, a widowed Manhattan millionaire promised his dying housekeeper to raise her two young kids, Willis and Arnold. They became part of his family and he always introduced them as his kids.

Kimberly Drummond

     Kim is Philip's smart and beautiful daughter.

Samuel McKinney

     Sam is Maggie's mischievous son.

Margaret McKinney/Drummond

     Maggie is a fitness instructor, mother to Sam and Philip's second wife.

Willis Jackson/Drummond

     At first, Willis was a bit skeptical of their newfound wealth, but eventually, he and Arnold felt right at home in their newfound surroundings.

Arnold Jackson/Drummond

     Lovable and adorable little Arnold, who could forget him or who could resist the temptaion of pinching his cute cheeks?

Edna Garrett
Mrs. Garrett

     Mrs. Garrett was the family's housekeeper but as the years passed she left to become a house-mother at the Eastland School for Girls.