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Magical Families on Tv

Hills (1997 - 20??)

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Hills (1997 - 20??)
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King of the Hill

Henry Rutherford Hill

     Hank Hill loves God, Country, Family and Football, though not always in that order. And next to the oxygen he breathes, the gas he cares most about is propane.

Robert Jeffrey Hill

     Bobby Hill is Hank and Peggy's 12-year-old pride and joy. Like most boys his age Bobby loves TV, video games and snacks. Bobby can communicate with any queens and believes he may be a shaman. Of course, if the shaman thing doesn't work out, he thinks he might like to be a prop comic or a proctologist.

Cotton Hill
Hank's father

     Cotton Hill is Hanks grumpy father.

Margaret Platter/Hill

     Wife, mother, and substitute Spanish teacher. Recognized by family and neighbors as one of the smartest people in Arlen. Like most real 90s women, she works and keeps house for her family. A strong-willed Texas woman with a mind of her own.

Luanne Platter
Peggy's niece

     Luanne is Hank and Peggys niece. She's going to beauty academy, where she maintains a C average. Despite her own less-than-ideal family situation, Luanne has a carefree heart and a resilient spirit.

Hill's dog

     Ladybird is the family lovable, loyal and quiet dog.