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Magical Families on Tv
Nelsons (1965-1970)
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I Dream of Jeannie


     Major Tony Nelson, a native of Fowler's Corner, Ohio, currently lives in Cocoa Beach, Florida where he is a NASA astronaut. This former flame of a High School sweetheart named Bonnie (who referred to Tony as Bunkie), first meets Jeannie during a botched space mission when he washes up on a deserted beach and stumbles upon Jeannie's long-sealed bottle. Though Nelson is engaged to the general's daughter, that plan ends as Jeannie spends the next several years trying to make Tony her own, until she finally gets her wish.

T. J.

     Anthony Jr., better known as T. J. is Jeannie and Tony's pride and joy.


       Jeannie was born either July 1st or April 1st (when Neptune was in Scorpio) and was imprisoned some 2,000 years prior to the 1960s by an evil genie named Blue Djinn. Both her sister and her mother, named Jeannie and Mrs. Jeannie respectively, look very much like her but with dark hair (or grey hair.) There are countless times when Jeannie and her sister Jeannie will go head-to-head over Tony, but blonde Jeannie (or "good" Jeannie) ultimately wins his hand in marriage; making her the happiest genie ever!

Jeannie 2

     Jeannie (also known as Jeannie 2, brunette Jeannie or the bad or evil Jeannie) is Jeannie's twin sister. The only differences are their hair and, of course, personalities.