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Magical Families on Tv
Banks (1990-1996)
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Banks (1990-1996)
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Conners (1988-1997)
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Halliwells (1998-2006)
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Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Philip Banks
Uncle Phil

     Philip is a lawyer and associate in a large cabinet. He is very rich and owes it only to his own work. He was not born rich and used to live in a farm.

Aunt Helen

     Aunt Helen shared a few explendid seasons with the family.

Ashley Banks

     Ashley is the Bank's third child and Will's largest ally.

Will Smith

     Will is a young man who wishes only one thing: to enjoy the life with his pals and the girls. He takes all as a joke, his favorite pastime is to exasperate his uncle and cousin, Carlton.

Aunt Janice

     Aunt Janice shared with us a few, but unforgetable, episodes.

Vivian Banks
Aunt Viv

     Vivian is Wills aunt, she adores her nephew and thats why she accepted him in her house. She works as a teacher.

Hilary Banks

     Hilary can be superficial and silly sometimes, but when it comes to REALLY important things she can give her 100%.

Carlton Banks

     Carlton is Viv and Phil's second son and Will's cousin. He's a man with goals and loves to dance around. He is Tom Jones biggest fan and Will's exact opposite.

Nicholas Andrew Banks

     Nicky is Viv and Phil's youngest son. He is very playful and Will is his role model.


     Geoffrey is the family's butler and he plays a very important role in their lives and development.

Hattie Banks

     Hattie is Phil's mother. A honest and good woman.