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Malcolm in the Middle


     Hal is Malcolm's dad. He's a total fanatic about skating. The kids respect him because he knows a lot about sports, sleeps on the couch and gets to watch more TV than them. It always seems like Hal is thinking about something though no one has any clue what it may be.


     Francis is Malcolm's eldest brother. He is also the only cool one in the family, according to Malcolm. So, of course he got kicked out and sent to Military Academy. The real reason was that he blew up a car, which did not belong to the family. He seems to be having fun even at the academy. He's got a real eye for the ladies.


     Malcolm is a normal kid who is perfectly content skateboarding, roughhousing with his brothers and avoiding the school bully. Malcolm's world is suddenly turned upside down when it's discovered he has a genius IQ. He is forced into the "gifted" Krelboyne class. Malcolm was very close to Francis and he really misses him at times. His best friend is Stevie Kenarban who is also a Krelboyne.


     Lois is Malcolm's mom. She is also lord-high magistrate and executioner, ultimate arbiter and dispenser of justice, inflictor of guilt and most supreme master of the remote. She's also very good at embarrassing the kids and is actually the boss of the house, even though Hal thinks otherwise


     Reese is the second oldest brother and his fists work faster than his brain. He's not as dumb as he looks. He's dumber. Reese is taller than Malcolm and is good at hitting. He can't help being mean to the world - it's his way of communicating. He's got a soft side though.


     Dewey is Malcolm's youngest brother. He thinks that he can talk to dogs and will eat whatever he can find lying around. The boys thought he was fun to play with till he started talking and could tell on them. He's really good at breaking things. No matter how much you tell him, there's got to be some kind of voice in his head telling him "Destroy!".