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Magical Families on Tv
Taylors (1991-1999)
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Addams (1964-1966)
Banks (1990-1996)
Brocks (1992-1996)
Bundys (1987-1997)
Carlsons (2001)
Conners (1988-1997)
Drummonds (1978-1986)
Griffins (1999-20??)
Halliwells (1998-2006)
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Hills (1997 - 20??)
Huxtables (1984 - 1992)
Munsters (1964-1966)
Nelsons (1965-1970)
Parkers (1997)
Pickles (1991-2004)
Reads (1996-20??)
Simpsons (1989 - 20??)
Sinclairs (1991-1994)
Spellmans (1996-2003)
.:Spellman's Family Secret:.
Summers (1997-2003)
Stages (2001-2002)
Stephens (1964-1972)
Szalinskis (1997-2000)
Tanners (1986-1990)
Tanners (1987-1995)
Taylors (1991-1999)
Thatchers (1989-1993)
Thornberrys (1998-2001)
Wilkersons (2000-20??)
Winslows (1989-1998)

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Lucille Taylor
Tim's mom

Fred Patterson
Jill's dad

Timothy Taylor

     Tim Taylor has his own TV show, Tool Time and is married to Jill, with three children. Wilson is his neighbor and Al is his co-star. Tim's brothers are Marty and Jeff, and his parents names are Lucille and Michael. He is 45-years-old and his best friends are Harry and Benny. Tim is left-handed and hates snakes. He loves cars and tools.

Bradley Michael Taylor

     Brad Taylor is the eldest Taylor child. He is 18-years old and is dating Samantha. He has two brothers and wants to be a soccer player.

Mark Taylor

     Mark Taylor is the youngest Taylor child. He has two brothers and wears contact lenses.

Jeffrey Taylor
Jeff, Tim's brother

     Jeff is the oldest of the Taylor brothers and has been divorced twice.

Martin Taylor
Marty, Tim's brother

     Marty is the youngest of the Taylor brothers and is 10 years younger than Tim

Claire and Grace Taylor
Martin's twins


Robin Patterson/ ?
Jill's sister

Michael Taylor
Tim's dad

Lillian Patterson
Jill's mom

Jillian Patterson/Taylor

     Jill Taylor is Tim's 43-year-old wife. She is studying for a psychology degree and has three boys, Mark, Randy, and Brad. Jill is allergic to lobster and her maiden name is Patterson.

Randall William Taylor

     Randy Taylor is the middle child of the Taylor family. He is 16-years-old and is dating Lauren. He is short for his age, lives in Costa Rica, at an environmental study program.

Carrie Patterson
Jill's sister

Tracy Patterson
Jill's sister

Nancy Taylor
Marty's ex-wife

Linda Patterson
JIll's sister

Charlie ?
Robin's husband