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Thomas Pickles

     Tommy Pickles is a born leader and adventurer. He leads the other Rugrats on millions of imaginary adventures. He also sticks up for the Rugrats against other bullies, especially Angelica. Even though he is just a baby he is a pretty smart kid and loves science.

Lillian Marie DeVille

     Lil is Phils twin sister. They frequently get into arguments, often using their actual names, Phillip and Lillian.

Angelica C. Pickles

     Angelica is Drew and Charlotte's spoiled-brat daughter who always bullies around the other Rugrats. Often using her doll, Cynthia, as accomplice, Angelica often gets away with everything.

Kimi Watanabe/Finster

     Kimi is Chuckie's new sister and unlike her new big brother, Kimi is brave. Like Tommy she is a leader, but unluckily she often takes action first and thinks later.

Angelica's cat

     Fluffy is Angelicas mischievous cat.

Elizabet Kerpacketer/DeVille

     Betty is Phil and Lils feminist mom, as well as Didis sister and Howies wife.

Charles Norbert Finster

     Chaz is Chuckies allergic father. He married Kira a while ago and became Kimi's father too. Chaz is Stus best friend.

Stuart Pickles

     Stu is Tommy and Dils father. He loves science and is a great dancer.

Charlotte C. Pickles

     Charlotte is Angelicas bossy and sometimes grumpy mom.

Minka and Boris Kerpacketer
Minka and Boris

     Minka and Boris are Betty and Didis parents and Lil, Phil, Tommy and Dils grandparents.

Lulu Pickles

     Lulu is grandpa Lous new wife and the kids new grandma.

Shirley and Marvin Finster
Marvin and Shirley

     Shirley and Marvin are Chaz parents and Chuckies granparents.

Charles Crandall Finster Jr. III

     Chuckie is a nerdy, yet cute, little boy who is always afraid to take risks, but always ends up going along with the other Rugrats on their adventures. Chuckie is Tommy's best friend.

Philip DeVille

     Phil is Lils twin brother. He, as well as Lil, loves to eat bugs and drink toilet water.

Dylan Prescott Pickles

     Named after Didi's cousin, Dylan Prescott. Dil is Tommy's new baby brother and is up to Tommy to help him out when he gets in trouble, and teach him how to be a Rugrat.


     Spike is Tommys loyal dog.

Spike's girlfriend

     Fifi is Spikes girlfriend. They met in France and now she is Chuckie and Kimis pet.

Howard DeVille

     Howie is Phil and Lils weak father as well as Bettys husband.

Kira Watanabe/Finster

     Kira is Chaz wife, Kimi and Chuckies mom. She loves kids and is a very smart person.

Melinda Finster

     Melinda is Chuckies mom, she died when he was a baby and he misses her a lot. But thanks to all the love that he receives from his family and friends he doesnt feels so bad and he knows that shes watching over him.

Diane Kerpacketer/Pickles

     Didi is Tommy and Dils mom as well as Stus wife. She is very sweet with all the Rugrats but if theres a strong reason to punish them she will.

Andrew Pickles

     Drew is Angelicas dad as well as Stus brother. He, as well as Charlotte, always let Angelica have her way.

Louis Kalhern Pickles
Granpa Lou

     Grandpa Lou is Stus father as well as the kids grandpa. He loves to play with them and tell them stories.